Thursday, March 22, 2007

Check it out! 2006 North American Whitetail Opener

Action...For Openers by Gordon Whittington-North American Whitetail Magazine (Nov.2006 issue)

There's far more to a successful TV hunting program than just lugging a video camera into the woods. Great hunting content is critical, but beyond that, what makes a show stand out is its unique style and overall polish. The folks who construct the most popular shows fret over details - because they know details really do make a big difference.
Were thrilled that since its premiere in 2004, North American Whitetail Television has been a smash hit with viewers of The Outdoor Channel, where we air three times each week (Tuesday at 6 p.m Eastern, Thursdays at 9:30 p.m and Saturdays at 8 a.m). And much of the credit goes to the people who have assembled our show the past three years: Ken Kemper and Mark Whitmore of Twisted Pair Posts Inc., of Anamosa, Iowa.
One of the big decisions we face each year involves what the opening sequece (also called the "opening montage" or "opener") will be. The opener is the same for every show in a given year, helping to distinguish those episodes from others and still portray what NAW Television is all about.
As was the case in 2005, this year's opener is focused on the trucks our co-hosts drive in their hunting travels. It features a music-driven "chase scene" with Greg Miller in his black Ford F-150 hot on the trail of Stan Potts' white Chevy Silverado. And the reason for the chase is obvious: Stan has a monster buck in the back of his truck and Greg is frantic to get a closer look.
As the hunters fly down muddy country road, they soon pass another bowhunter-Nicole Jones- who is stowing gear in her Arctic Cat Prowler. Viewers of last year's shows will recognize Nicole as having been in that opener as well, but not in hunting garb. This year she's decked out in Realtree and toting her Mathew's bow. (And believe me , that image is no stretch; this young lady from southern Illinois is a serious deer hunter in her own right!)
Nicole's hair goes flying as the trucks zoom past, Greg no more than a truck legnth behind Stan. The vehicles don't even slow down . . . at least, not until they come to a "Road Closed Ahead" warning sign moments later. Then Stan makes a hasty detour onto a side road, Greg still hot his trail.
To read the rest of this NAW magazine article, check out North American Whitetail Magazine November 2006 issue!


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